Zombie Catchers mod Apk (Unlimited Money) v1.31.2

Download Zombies Catchers mod apk, you can always get Plutonium, Coins, and tools, so you don't have to worry about levels. 
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Zombie Catchers is a mobile game made by Two Men and a Dog, a Finnish game company. In the game, players take on the roles of A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic entrepreneurs who have set up a business on Earth to catch zombies and turn them into food and drinks to sell to the rest of the world. The game has action, adventure, and simulation elements, and players can use many weapons, gadgets, and upgrades to kill zombies and finish tasks.

To play the game, players use A.J. and Bud to look for zombies and catch them with a harpoon gun in different places. Once the zombies are caught, they are put through several machines that turn them into food and drinks that can be sold for in-game money. With this currency, players can buy upgrades, new weapons, and other items that will help them catch more zombies and finish more tasks. People like the game because it’s fun to play, has funny characters, and has a unique idea.

what is Zombie Catchers mod apk


Zombie Catchers is a famous mobile game that interestingly mixes action, exploration, and simulation. The main way to play is to use a harpoon gun to catch zombies and turn them into food and drinks that can be sold for in-game money. The game has many places to discover, each with its challenges and problems. Players must use their skills and tools to get around these places, look for zombies, and catch them as quickly as possible. Once a zombie is caught, it goes through several machines that turn it into different products that can be sold for in-game currency. The game also has different tasks for players, like killing a boss or capturing a certain number of zombies. When players finish tasks, they get in-game money and other items that they can use to improve their gear or buy new weapons. Overall, Zombie Catchers is a fun and interesting game that gives the zombie genre a new twist.

What is Zombies Catchers Mod Apk

Some people don’t like that the game gets harder after you hit level 30 or higher and that there are few places to get the plutonium. Because of this limit, users can only partially enjoy the game, which makes it less fun to play. These problems can be solved with the endless Zombie Catchers Mod APK, but they can also be fixed. In the Zombie Catchers mod apk, you can always get Plutonium, Coins, and tools, so you don’t have to worry about levels.


  • In different places
  • Strong traps and weapons
  • Offline and online
  • In different places
  • Use the juice to make desserts
  • Unlock Levels
  • Unlimited Money
  • Upgrade Gun
  • Do Zombie Business

In Different Places

There are many beautiful places to play in the game. With their bright colors and high-quality graphics, the backgrounds look so nice.  Find special zombies to catch by going to different places. Catch certain types of zombies and turn them into a tasty and profitable food product. Only special zombies can make special things and treats. You can also send your drones to different places, which will help you find more zombies and spots. You can catch awesome zombies in a lot of different ways. Awesome and special zombies can be used to make awesome snacks.

Strong traps and weapons

To catch zombies, you can use different kinds of guns and traps. There are a lot of cool and great tools in the Zombie Catchers mod apk. Some zombies throw plates and other things at you, so you need weapons to protect yourself. You have to be more careful when you try to catch zombies because if they see you, they won’t eat you but will run away. Use guns and cool traps to catch zombies. So many cool traps, like nets, weapons, guns, traps, and jetpacks, can be used to catch zombies and finish tasks. In the game, you can catch both normal and special zombies.

Online/Offline Game

The best thing about the game is that you can always play it, whether or not you are linked to the Internet. You can play it live and try to move up the leaderboard, or you can play it on your computer. check muscle booster mod apk

Graphic and Sound

The images and sounds in Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell are well-made and add to the game’s overall immersive feel.

Graphics: The game has bright, lively graphics that look like cartoons. This makes it fun for players of all ages. The designs for the characters are complex and varied, and each Zombie has its traits and habits. The game’s different places look different and offer various environments, from dark caves to busy towns. The game has smooth movements, and the way it looks adds to its charm. other game has also good graphic like car simulator vietnam mod apk and world of airports mod apk

Sound: The game has good sound effects. The zombies make groans and moans that help players know where they are. The upbeat and catchy music adds to the game’s fun and carefree mood. Voice acting is also part of the game. The two main characters, A.J. and Bud, have their personalities and voices. The sounds and songs in the game work well together, making it feel like you’re there.

Features of Zombie Catchers mod apk

Use the juice to make desserts

You can not only catch zombies, but you can also use them to make desserts and drinks. People come to your business, a cafe, to order drinks and sweets. You can make desserts and drinks for your customers by catching and cooking zombies. Your customers have yet to learn about this business but love your desserts and drinks. Build a food business and use Zombies to make candy, snacks, and other things to eat. If you improve your defense line, you can make more money by catching zombies and selling your desserts. Find new snack ideas and recipes from zombies.

Unlocked Levels

The game has more than 80 rounds that are fun to play. As you move up in levels, you can unlock new machines for your cafe. This will let you make juices, sweets, and other things to sell at your shop.

Unlimited Money

In the Zombie Catchers Mod apk you can get as many coins and plutonium as you want. You can get free nets, weapons, guns, traps, jetpacks, and other cool new hunting tools with this money. You can get free drinks, candy, and food machines. If you have a lot of plutonium, you can shorten the time it takes to make food. You can also catch zombies whenever you want. World war 2 mod apk and stone giant mod apk also has unlimited money.

Upgrade Guns

You must improve your guns and traps because some really smart and fast zombies are out there. They can run away in seconds, but you can catch any zombie with your plan if you improve your weapons and traps. Find Boss Zombies in the game, and use your improved guns and traps to catch them. Develop your skills and improve to move up in your league. As many zombies as you can catch will help your business grow.

Upgrades the weapons in Zombie Catchers mod apk


The game’s story takes place in the future, and you play as an alien named A.J. who catches zombies to turn them into juices and sweets for his cafe. You can catch different kinds of zombies with different kinds of tools. And the game takes place in many different places, each with its boss zombie. So, you have to be ready to fight bosses in different places. Get the game now and start playing it right away.

How to get Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell Mod apk?

  • Download the Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell Mod apk file through our website
  • Then install the downloaded file.
  • After it you can mod app and get premium features free of cost.

Frequently asked question

Is it free to play Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell Mod apk?

Yes, you can get and play this game for free.

What devices can you play Zombie Catchers Mod apk?

This game can be played on devices with both iOS and Android.

How do I get zombies to come to me in the game?

To catch a zombie, players must shoot it with the harpoon gun and pull it in. Different zombies have different strengths and flaws, so players have to plan to catch them.

What kinds of tools are there in the Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell game?

The game has different kinds of harpoon guns, traps, drones, and other gadgets. The players can improve their gear to make it better at catching zombies.

Why are we playing Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell game?

The game’s main goal is to catch zombies and turn them into food and drinks that can be sold for in-game money. There are also different missions in the game that players can finish to earn in-game currency and other items.

What's new

Improved design

Fixed Bugs


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How to install Zombie Catchers mod Apk (Unlimited Money) v1.31.2 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Zombie Catchers mod Apk (Unlimited Money) v1.31.2 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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