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Carrom Pool mod Apk is a fun multiplayer board game. Travel the world and compete against worthy opponents with simple gameplay, smooth controls, and great physics.
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Nov 10, 2022
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Miniclip Made this Carrom Pool mod Apk tabletop game. It can be played with more than one person and is available on the android store. Carrom is a fun indoor game popular in Nepal, South Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and many other places. This game can be played online and offline, and both versions have much to offer. Carrom pool mod apk has a lot of rules and things that can be opened to get a lot of diamonds, gold, coins, and pucks. So, download the Carrom Pool hack from the link below and enjoy the game.

About Carrom Pool Mod APK

Carrom Pool Mod apk is an excellent game for two or more people to play at home. Most Asian countries play it. It has Classic Mode and Disc Pool Mode. You can play online multiplayer with all of your friends. It is easy-to-play board game for more than two people. In this game, you must get your pieces into the pot before your opponent. You will become the best carom board game player if you play this game. It’s an exciting Android game that Miniclip made. The subcontinent is where most people play the game carom board. All age people can play it because it is a fun game.

The game’s graphics are pretty cool, and the sound effects after you score are excellent. It makes this game seem a lot easier than it is. But be careful because this game can become tough to put down after just a few games.

That is a fun game for you and your family to play together. In other versions of this game, four players can use all four sides of the board simultaneously The game has new features like free pucks, unlocked strikers, unlocked items, and unblocked games.

details of carrom pool mod Apk

Main Features:

Multiplayer coordinates are available in two game modes: Carrom and Disk Pool.
Play with your friends.
Compete against the best.
Try your luck at the free every day fantastic shot to win big rewards.
Play on fantastic fields all over the world.
Controls that are easy to use and material science that is sound.
Unlock a variety of strikes and pucks.
Earn free victory chests filled with electrifying gifts.
Improve your strikers and launch a free-for-all.
Disconnected play is supported.

Graphics Quality sound


Carrom Pool Game is a board game for Android that is easy to learn and play thanks to its easy-to-use interface and features. At the same time, the realistic board table and game pieces in the Carrom Pool mod Apk Game will help players get used to how real games work.

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Get ready to get lost in Carrom Pool Game’s great gameplay and enjoy its easy-to-understand sounds and sound effects. Get access to a lot of exciting soundtracks and other audio features. All of these things are sure to amaze many of you.


Playing any game with friends and family is simply enjoyable. You can play a carrom pool game with your friends in the carrom pool. At the moment, this game can be played by 4 people, just like a real carrom game. You can get ore coins when you will Challenge and compete with your friends or other players.

carrom Pool mod Apk compete with other players


It’s a nice feature to be able to play a game with your friends while sitting apart from them. Carrom Pool makes it possible to play this game online. Carrom Pool mod Apk  has more advantages than real-life carrom. Even you can only play real-life carrom with your friends if you are in the same room. However, the online carrom pool game has enabled people to play the game while sitting in different cities and countries.


If you have friends. But they are busy in their life and you Are bored. Don’t worry, though, because you can still play the Carrom pool mod Apk game on a laptop or computer. This game will be played by the computer as if it were a real person.

Unlimited Gems

In this game, gems are very important.  Because you will be able to unlock more features once you have enough gems. However, the question of how to get more gems in the carrom pool arises. The answer is that the more games you win, the more games you earn. But you can lose your gems if you Lose game.

Many types of strikers and pucks.

Those interested can now play the Carrom Pool mod Apk Game with many different strikers and pucks, each of which can be used in another way. Have fun trying them all, and try to make the most of your props. So, Android users can get the most out of their favorite games.

Many free victory chests for enjoyment

And as you win games, complete challenges, or finish quests in the Carrom Pool mod Apk Game, you’ll get free victory chests that you can open to get special rewards. Get them all if you want to win the game’s exciting bonuses and prizes.

Get your free Gifts

In the Carrom Pool mod Apk Game, players can also get a lot of rewards just by moving around a bit during the day. You can return to the game daily to use your free golden shots, giving you a good chance of winning unique prizes.

Upgrade your strikers and enable unique effects

And if you want to, you can freely upgrade your striker in Carrom Pool  Game and give it a lot of different visual effects. With the new features, you can make your strikers very different from others. With your new strikers and frenzy strikes, you can have even more fun with the online game.

Ads remove

We removed all the Ads from this game, which is good news for people who like to play carrom. You can now enjoy it without commercials.

Play free

All Android users can use the Carrom Pool Mod Apk game for free. It has all the best features, and you don’t need to buy anything else. So, get it and enjoy it for free for the rest of your life.

Opened every chest

In our mod version, you will be able to open all chests.

  • Paris Stage Bronze Chest
  • Supreme Chest
  • Chest Out
  • Delhi Lounge Bronze Chest
  • Master Chest

Different game modes to enjoy

Play Carrom

Play Carrom is almost the same as Play Disc Pool, but there are a few minor differences. Here There will be 13 Troops instead of 12. It is important to remember that you have to eat the red unit before the last team. If not, our opponent will do this, and it will be easy for you to beat them.

Play Disc Pool

It has a lot of well-known places, like Delhi, Paris, London, Dubai, New York, Mumbai, and so on. Each player makes a bet before the game begins in this game version. In the end, all the players’ money will go to the winner.

Practice Mode

This is an accessible mode, as the name suggests. You can play this mode to learn how to play the game. Since it’s just a practice game, no one will worry about losing money.

Final verdict

Carrom Pool mod apk is the best online carrom board game out of all the others like it. We hope we have told you everything about the Carrom pool game. We told you all details on how to download and install the game on your Android device. We also told you about the game’s most important features and how to keep your device safe. If you have any more questions or concerns about the game, please post them in the comments section.

How You will download and install Carrom pool mod APk

  • Get Carrom Pool MOD APK above button and install it.
  • For Installation ne need of internet or wifi.
  • Open the Installer and finish according to the instructions.
  • Open the Carrom Pool MOD APK app and have fun with free resources that don’t end.


Download carrom Pool mod Apk game

Frequently Ask question

Q1.      Is it safe and secure to use the carrom pool mod apk or not?

Ans.     If you have an Android phone, this game is 100% safe and secure for you to play. This is because of the rules set by the app developers and the Google Play store. All antivirus programs have checked this game and given it a green flag because it is safe in every way.

Q2.      Do I get unlimited resources that is listed in the game’s description?

Since this is a cracked premium version, you get all the features, unlimited gems, & gold coins, and all Carrom boards and arenas are unlocked and free to play. Click here to get this game and try it out.

Q3.      Can they ban from game?

The Carrom Pool mod Apk has a feature that makes it impossible for the original servers to track what you do. So, you don’t need to sign in to the app to use all of its features. Just put it in and play!

People review For Carrom Pool Mod Apk

Philip John

Awesome game. I would suggest a few changes: 1. I’d like to see the results of the last 10 games and the number of wins in a row. 2. I’d love to have a video recording of some fun, and I’d even pay for a recording of some of my wins so I could watch them again and remember how great they were. 3. Allow players to set up their conversations, so they don’t have to type them every time. 4. In the “Practice” mode, we can put coins on the board to keep practicing hard shots.

Muhammed Mihal

The game is entertaining to play, but there are too many ads. Even though a child could play this game, it’s not very hard. It’s pretty easy compared to other carrom games. Also, please mention a chat feature while playing. Not the emoji chat, but an honest conversation with other players.

ujjal basumata

This app is a lot of fun, so I’ll give it 5 stars!! “I’m having fun, but there are too many ads.” I’m asking the system to help me with these, and could you all please make the MB smaller? 😁.. It’s eating up my daily data! I hope you will all hear what I have to say. If you can add some more interesting features, like new cities or a new board with no ads, that would be great! I hope you do it !! Thank you, a little love from someone you don’t know. User 😀 enjoy your day.

What's new

  • A new Carrom Pass perk is a voice and video chat with your family, friends, and other players worldwide!
  • Fixing bugs and making things run better


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How to install Carrom Pool Mod Apk Unlimited Coin 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Carrom Pool Mod Apk Unlimited Coin 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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